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20hrs Tech Fast

Lift up your eyes

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Here we are... the 20hrs tech fast.

Now we all know there are many remarkable things that technology affords us… just last week I was able to FaceTime with my Grandma on her 99th Birthday… how freakin’ awesome is that!? It literally made my entire week better just seeing her face, knowing she’s healthy and that I had one more precious moment with her before she moves on from this earth (... it’s ok to cry, lol)

Looking good granny!

Looking good granny!

So yeah, the next day is gonna be hard, annoying, and filled with temptations to text, call, post, comment, like, snap, and watch but think about this for a second: Do you own your devices or do they own you? You see if we can’t got 3 minutes without looking at our phones, checking friends’ status, or worrying about our streaks maybe we’ve surrendered a piece of our souls to something that was designed to bring us connectivity - not anxiety.

Do you own your devices or do they own you? ​

Do you feel his pain?

Feel his pain?

I want you to make a commitment...

Not just to God. Not just to me. Not just to our class. But to yourself; because at the end of the day you’re the one who will grow or not through this experience. Commit to owning your devices, not being owned by them. Commit to being in the moment with your friends, family, dog, book, musical instrument, hobby, bubble tea or whatever else brings you joy. Remember the things you did as a kid that made you happy when FOMO wasn’t part of your vocabulary. Fill your day with all the things that you tell yourself you never have time for: like that book sitting on your shelf, the guitar collecting dust, or that park you miss going to. When was the last time you watched the sun set… I mean actually watched it? Do that. When was the last time you had a meal with a loved one and looked them in the eyes while you talked? Do that. This exercise in discipline isn’t meant to limit you. It’s meant to enrich you.

So here’s how this is going to go…

#1: Get it out of your system.

Take the next few minutes to send your final status updates, Snaps, emails, phone calls, or whatever you need to do. Do not spend more than 5 minutes doing these; otherwise you’ll be tempted to linger and we all know what happened to Lot’s family when they did that (boo yah!)! As soon as you complete this (remember, no more than 5 minutes) come right back here.

When you lose your streak.

#2: For the next 20 hours only use your phone and laptops for schoolwork and talking with parents.

That’s literally it… BTW, you can listen to music THAT IS ALREADY installed on your device (nothing streaming or online)... but no TV, movies, youtube, blah blah blah. Please don’t create a lame email thread so that you can have a modified chat with your friends. Don’t use a class project google doc as a ghetto Facebook. Don’t use any device or program outside of what is permissible: School Work and Talking with your 부모님, Eltern, 親, 父母.

Use your head, you know what’s school work and what isn’t. Don’t try to bend the rules, otherwise you compromise your own growth.

#3 On paper, make a list of things you’d like to do today.

Your time away from tech will be way more enjoyable if you have an idea how you want to spend it. Ima gunna play my guitar, cook some food, and read a book. As you go about your day do some journal entries to reflect, you'll use these in class.

Well.... that's it. Time to go Ghost Protocol. See you online 20 hours!

Bonus points if you look like this during the tech fast!

Bonus points if you look like this during the tech fast!

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